Using Filters

With filters, we've made it possible for you to view and analyze and get a better understanding of the content posted from your areas.

To filter through your content, simply click the “Filter” icon, located at the top-right corner of the page beside the alerts icon. Clicking on the filter icon will activate the filter bar.

You can now filter the type of content you wish to explore by simply moving through content type, followers, topics mentioned, hashtags used at that location, users mentioned, age/gender of the audience, the places and venues tagged at the location, the primary cities the audience typically posts from, and their interests.

For example, if you wish to only view just Instagram content posted over a period of time, click on "Content Type" then select Instagram. That action will be reflected on all the remaining filters with content solely associated with that source. 

Using the filter can help you narrow and better analyze the content from your area over a period of time.

For example, you can choose the "Content Type" and "Topic" from your area to get a deeper understanding of the conversations happening. To remove a filter, simply click the small “x” next to it. To remove all filters, click the “Clear All” button. 

Note: When a filter is applied, it is reflected on the Content, People and Insights pages.

Using the Search Filter

In addition to filtering your area through the available filter options, you can use the search box to perform more specific searches.

Using the search filter is simple. Simply type the keywords you'd like to search in the search box and any content matching those keywords will began to appear. If you'd like to search for a specific word or phrase, simply put them in between quotation marks. 

Example: "I Love Art", "Beautiful Art" "Louvre Museum"

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