Content Page

The content page is the first page you see after drawing an area. Here, you will see all of the content posted in your selected area over a period of time.

By default, this page is organized by the most recently posted content.

You can organize the content shown either by “Most Recent” or  “Highest Reach”. This dropdown menu is shown at right corner of the page below the Filter and Alerts icon.

Next to it, are options to either view all the content in a grid (which is shown by default), or on a map. The map view allows you to see where each content is posted within your location.

Each content card provides you with a glimpse into the users' profile. For example you can see the user's handle, platform they're posting from, the number of followers they have on that platform and the time stamp of when the content was posted. Hover over any of the content to read the caption associated with it. 

If you'd like to engage with a piece content, you can do so by either liking or commenting on the content directly from the content page. Click on the "Follow" button to follow the user directly. 

You can save the content for later by clicking on the bookmark icon. 

To view the bookmarked content, simply select the "Bookmarked" button at the top of the page to view all content previously bookmarked from that specific area. 

If it's content you wish to embed on a your site or blog, simply click on the three dots from the content card. Once you've clicked on the three dots, you'll see the option to embed the content. Select "Embed Code" a pop up box will appear on your screen. Next click "Copy Code" to copy the html code. 

Engagement Hints -

With engagement hints, we offer you some insights into who we think you might want to engage with. Those hints appear right above the content. When a new influencer is posting from your area, you'll swiftly be notified from the content page. If it's a user you engaged with a day before, you'll see a caution sign letting you know that you've already engaged with that user. 

New Influencer

Engage Now - User with 1k+ Followers



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