Content Modal

The Content Modal allows for you to see and engage with the content posted in your area over a period of time and to gain deeper insights about the user posting those the content. See insights like their bio, average engagement score, topics they’re likely to be interested in as well as any other content they may have posted.

Left side of Modal

On the left side of the content modal, you'll be able to see an an enlarged version of the content posted by the user and the ability to follow them directly on social. 

Click on the "Open Map" feature right below the image to see where exactly where within your geofence the content was posted.

Below the map feature, you're able to see all of the engagements occurred on the content since it was posted.

You can engage with the content directly by liking or commenting. If it's content you wish to view later, select the bookmark icon to bookmark the content. 

Comment: Engage with the user by commenting directly under the content they’ve posted.

Heart:  Like the content directly through Ground Signal via the Content Modal.

Bookmark:  Bookmark a content you wish to save for later or view other content(s) you’ve already bookmarked.

Embed: Click on the embed icon to get the HTML code so content can be easily embed to your blog or site.

Right Side of Modal

On the right side of the content modal, you'll be able to learn more about the user posting the content. Information like the users's Bio, average engagement, where they live, topics they might be interested in based on their account activity, other places they've posted from, and any other geo-tagged content they may have posted within the time period you're currently viewing. 

Bio: Bio information user has posted on their social profiles.

Avg. Engagement: See the average engagement that the user has with their audience on that social platform.

(ex. on average, 235.1 people engage with Instagramers St. Pete on Instagram when they post a piece of content. A combination of Likes and Comments.)

Lives In: See the city where the user primarily post from.

Interested In: Based on their social activities, this section highlights the topics this user is likely to be most interested in.

Has Posted From: Based on the geo-tagged content posted on the user’s profile, you’ll be able to see places they’ve traveled.

More From: Shows additional geo-tagged content posted by the user.

Posts in this location: Whenever you see the purple sticker at the edge of a content, it’s an indication that the content was an additional content posted by the user from within your geofence.



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