Product Update: New left-hand navigation and platform improvements

We recently made a few updates to Ground Signal that will significantly improve your platform experience.  

New Landing Address

You can now access the platform by simply visiting Separating the app from the main site will significantly improve load time on the platform. You’ll now be able to view the home page without the need to logout or open another browser.

New Navigation

We’ve made a change to our navigation to help you better navigate through the platform. Previously, this is how you were used to seeing the navigation with links easily accessible on each page associated with your area.

Now, the navigation looks like this with links to your favorite pages located on the left.

Social Accounts

The social account switcher was moved from the side to the top of the platform and can be accessed from any page. Connect your Instagram and Twitter account to engage with your audience effortlessly.

Engagement Hints

On each content card you will see engagement hints to help you better discover and engage with influencers in your area. If you’re actively engaging with audience on a daily basis, the hints will caution from engaging with users on multiple occasions.

Engagement Report

With the new change in our navigation, we’ve also added a new page for you to explore. It’s the engagement report page.

The new engagement report page provides you with the ability to view engagement activity on the platform across one or all of your areas. See the number of people and content you’ve engaged with over a period of time. If you have more than one social account connected, observe which social account produced the most engagement. You can always export the report into a CSV file to view offline.

New Draw Flow

With the new draw flow, you’ll now be able to easily create a geofence around your desired location. Simply search for your area, then select the right location and watch the geofence created with the new radius option.

Take it for a spin and let us know what you think. Share your thoughts and feedback with us directly at

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