Managing Influencer Alerts

Never miss an influencer the next time they post from your areas. When a specific type of person shows up in one of your areas and posts social content matching your desired follower threshold, you will receive an influencer alert via email.

To add or edit an influencer alert, click on the initials icon at the top-right hand side of the page then select  “Account Details” from the dropdown menu.

From the account details page, select "Influencer Alerts" from the left-hand side of the screen then click on "Add Alert."

You will see a pop up window that will help you decide the type of influencer alerts you wish to receive. It looks something like this.


  1. Select the type of influencers you wish to receive alerts for by specifying their follower count. For example, if you select to receive alerts for users with 10,000 (10k) followers, you will receive alerts for anyone who has somewhere between 1,000 (1k) and 10,000 (10k) followers from your area.
  2. Select the area that you wish to receive the influencer alerts for from your areas list.
  3. Select the frequency for which you wish you receive the alerts for.
    1. Real-Time: Sends you email alerts as soon as the specified content is posted on our platform.
    2. Hourly: Sends you email alerts on an hourly basis when the specified content is posted on our platform.  
    3. Daily: Sends you email alerts on a daily basis when the specified content is posted on our platform. This option is best recommended if you're using a very broad keyword search in a densely populated area.
  4. Enter the e-mail address of the individual(s) you wish to receive the influencer alerts. If you wish to add more than one e-mail address, separate them by adding a comma after each e-mail.

Note: The recipient of the influencer alert doesn't have to be a Ground Signal user.

Area Page

You can manage your alerts directly from your area page.

To access your alerts from the area page, simply click on the bell icon at the top-right corner of the page. 

After clicking on the bell icon, you will see a light box pop up on your screen showing any alerts that you may have already set up for the particular area you're viewing. The name of the area will display at the top of the box. There you can edit or delete existing influencer alerts or add new ones.

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